SolmeteX – The Right Choice

SolmeteX was started in 1994 as a water treatment company which developed technologies for removing heavy metals from water; the name SolmeteX was created from soluble metal extraction. Throughout the years it has evolved creating products that actually make a difference.

SolmeteX began selling the Hg5 series of amalgam separators in 2000 throughout US and Canada. SolmeteX focuses entirely on the dental market, striving to understand the customer base and selling channels to best service the dental offices themselves. Due to our strong dealer network and reputation as a customer service driven company, we have been able to achieve 80% of the market wherever amalgam separators are required. SolmeteX has independent manufacturers’ representatives spread over the U.S. to help service all locations, we are able to service and support all areas immediately.

SolmeteX is focused on implementing products into dental industry to assist the dentist with Best Management Practices (BMP’s) as well as complying with the ever changing regulatory directives. Our comprehensive knowledge of Federal, State and Local regulations allows the dentist to practice dentistry while we manage their environmental compliance. Our commitment to research and development has already brought the industry the most complete amalgam separator package available (Hg5). We have integrated waste handling and recycling into our product line to provide an all-in-one solution. Hg5 is professionally engineered, easy to operate with its clear and simple design. It is flexible for hard to fit application and functions with wet or dry vacuum system. By providing complete recycling of spent container, shipping to the recycler, recycling, proper documentation and assisting the dental office to achieve a compliant practice with amalgam waste.

SolmeteX provides customer service and support to the dental office. SolmeteX sells all products through the dealer network, with over 300 dealers/installers throughout the world. Our focus is 100% on the dental industry, always striving to provide the best customer support possible.

We will continue to bring products that are technologically advanced, easily implemented and economically viable.