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In 1999, Solmetex® designed the Hg5 that has quickly become the industry standard in Amalgam Separation. We have extensive experience in water chemistry, chemical separation science, process engineering, high performance manufacturing as well as Federal, State and local regulations governing water and hazardous wastes. What makes Solmetex different is our ‘Total Solution Provider’ concept – that integrates waste handling and recycling into our complete product line to provide a truly Green set of solutions. Solmetex is the global leader and our Hg5 system is the gold standard in high performance amalgam separation.


Scott R Helle DMD 

4 Whittier Rd, Natick MA 01760

Dr. Scott Helle, long time user of our products, shares his experience with Solmetex products with us.  

Exemplary Corporate Conduct

This is the way corporations should behave.

After buying a used dental air compressor from a contractor who was clearing out an abandoned dental practice in Manhattan, I was dismayed to find a container with mercury amalgam in the box with the compressor. Rather than send this hazardous waste to a landfill, I contacted the company that made the mercury amalgam separator — Solmetex of Northborough, MA. Solmetex sent me a prepaid shipping container with detailed packing instructions so that I could safely send the mercury amalgam container to them, and at their own considerable expense have the hazardous waste safely disposed.

This is the kind of civic responsibility exhibited by all too few corporations. Solmetex should be rightly proud for having stepped up when they didn’t have to. They deserve special recognition.



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~ Bruce Oren

   New Haven, CT